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Dundee Women’s Festival 2019 – Hear Women’s Voices


Our theme for Dundee Women’s Festival 2019 is “Hear Women’s Voices”. We think that this is a theme which can be widely interpreted, and that every group or organisation will be able to plan an event which fits the brief. We are hoping to have everything at the Festival next year from spoken word – talks, debate, comedy, music, drama and discussion – to art, workshops, dance and everything else in between. Think outside the box, and help to Hear Women’s Voices!

Submit your Event

To get involved with Dundee Women’s Festival 2018, please download our DWF 2019 Event Form

Complete the Form (click Enable Editing one downloaded,  and this will allow to fill the form in) and email it to us at  – if you have any queries don’t hesitate to get in touch by email or you can contact our administrator Alison on 07874 885486.

Please return your completed forms to us by close of business on Friday 2nd November 2018

Support Dundee Women’s Festival

This year, we have taken the decision to charge a one-off Registration Fee of £10 to each partner organisation. This is because we need to be constantly considering funding in order to allow the Festival to continue. Whilst we do apply for  funding, receipt of this is never guaranteed, making it difficult to consider long-term planning. We are sure you will agree that the Registration Fee is not a significant one, and we would hope that you will all be happy to pay this. Please note that the Fee is per partner, so whether one partner organisation is holding one or more events, only one Fee is payable. You can send a cheque (details on the form) or email us if you prefer to pay by bank transfer.

Many thanks for your support of Dundee Women’s Festival – we can’t wait to see your Events Forms coming in!